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Administrative management


Internal Audit

Staff and Management Audit helps you to clarify:

  • What the actual internal and corporate structure is ;
  • What your staff knows on their involvement in management and business development of the firm;
  • What your staff thinks about firms management process;
  • What matters to your staff;
  • Who the opinion leader in your firm is;
  • What strengths and weaknesses of firms team members are;
  • How to maximize the staff efficiency and corporate culture level using strengths skills of team members.


Developing and implementing the internal rules and policies to empower the firms:

  • nboarding system;
  • corporate values and corporate culture;
  • job descriptions;
  • office work survival system;
  • out of office work rules;
  • business trips;
  • expenses reimbursement and overtime pay rules;
  • communications between staff and top-management;
  • project management;
  • new matters openings and transferring them to internal archive;
  • dress code.

Motivation system

Motivation system is individually designed to clearly understanding by the staff:

  • what the firms bonus and benefits policy is;
  • how to move up the career ladder within the firm;
  • when pay rise day is going to come;
  • what tools and skills are required to make your motivation system alive.

Staff Development and Training

Staff development and training system is meant for:

  • choosing right answer for the questions: Who, When and What is going to be taught?
  • developing and training staff according to the firms goals;
  • designing individual plans of firms staff personal and professional development;
  • arranging internal trainings on time-management, delegation, communications, leadership and quality of law firm professional services;
  • assessing the level of staff development for one year period.

Staff Appraisal

Staff Appraisal Process shows the staff achievements and development results and includes the following episodes:

  • developing KPIs ;
  • self -evaluation;
  • team member evaluation by his/her mentor;
  • team member evaluation by his/her colleagues;
  • personal interview for providing and obtaining feedback;
  • defining goals and tasks for coming appraisal period.


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