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Our cooperation with law firms is based solely on the individual approach to our clients’ needs. While planning marketing activity of each law firm, we always take into account its unique goals and objectives, achieving which we apply those particular marketing tools, which are based on the competitive advantages of a specific company and do not overlap each other.

Therefore, firstly we analyze different marketing approaches and opportunities in terms of their expediency and potential efficiency for the client. In this case we refuse any ranking in priority.

We advise law firms on the procedure for implementation of a particular marketing initiative. However, the lawyers of each firm determine the way of its implementation. For example, while providing services on organization and holding of special events, drafting news, design of presentation materials or website, we use language and style typical of a particular law firm, thus, conflict of interest is excluded. Moreover, in our practice we avoid direct conflict of interest during the implementation of some projects on positioning of the law firms, which compete for one client or practise in a narrow segment. For example, we will not write a letter of offer for a law firm participating in the tender, if we have already done similar work for another firm. We will not also work out a strategic business development plan for two law firms competing in the field of pharmaceutics.

We do project work for the law firms if the schedule for the assignment is exact and time-constrained. We also provide subscriber-based services to our clients, which implies current consulting on all marketing matters and coordination of daily work on business and communications development.


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The Partnership Happiness Formula (in Russian)
Каждый юрист мечтает стать партнером. Именно от партнерства многие юристы ожидают долгожданного В«заработанногоВ» счастья. Критерии формулы партнерского счастья глазами юриста вполне очевидны.В  Партнерство глазами юриста = реализованность в профессии +...

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5 Steps How to Start the New Year Fresh (in Ukrainian)
Коли святкові вихідні дні добігають кінця, ви залишаєтеся з новим роком наодинці. Це може бути саме той час, щоб запровадити у ваше життя оновлення,  навчитися робити буденні речі по-новому.  Ось декілька ідей, щоб надати вам імпульс. 1. Приберіть святко...

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10 Tips "Step by Step" for Lawyers Working with Linkedin (in Ukrainian)
Linkedin може стати потужним інструментом, що допоможе вам популяризувати та контролювати ваш бренд, однак лише за однієїумови – якщо ви вмієте ним користуватися.  Linkedin може допомогти вам:     Відновити старі відносини; Зміцнити існуючі відносин...

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LMS represented by Anna Zhadan was granted the award
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Comments by Tanya Benko , How earn law firms in Ukraine,
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Getting Started with Facebook. Summary Recommendations
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