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Darya Yakovenko


Darya Yakovenko 


Darya Yakovenko actively involved in communication with legal mass media and work with social media, preparation of different presentations as well as development of information and analytical materials.  She also focuses on coordination of various projects in the sphere of marketing and business development.

Her most essential features are: just perfect skills in sales and feeling comfortable in the deadline-driven environment.


Daria graduated from the Kharkiv National Economics University with the major in International Marketing and PR. She's got an experience of a short term assignment in International Confectionery Corporation ROSHEN (one of the largest European manufacturers of confectionery products), and made a research dedicated to: Positioning of competing brands of commodities in terms of  consumers' consciousness.


During her first years at the University Daria fell in love with marketing and communications and quickly realized, that it will be exactly her cup of tea. From the very first day she joint Legal Marketing Solutions, that big feeling is driving her from purely academic things to practical generating and adding value to any business objective of the client in real life.


She says, "There is no typical day in my life and I love it! It's challenging, but exciting - always a new adventure. The variety keeps me growing and developing into a better professional each day."


Originally from Russia, Daria used to learn and challenge everything Ukrainian: education, language, job, and even establishing her new Ukrainian family. 







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The Partnership Happiness Formula (in Russian)
Каждый юрист мечтает стать партнером. Именно от партнерства многие юристы ожидают долгожданного В«заработанногоВ» счастья. Критерии формулы партнерского счастья глазами юриста вполне очевидны.В  Партнерство глазами юриста = реализованность в профессии +...

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5 Steps How to Start the New Year Fresh (in Ukrainian)
Коли святкові вихідні дні добігають кінця, ви залишаєтеся з новим роком наодинці. Це може бути саме той час, щоб запровадити у ваше життя оновлення,  навчитися робити буденні речі по-новому.  Ось декілька ідей, щоб надати вам імпульс. 1. Приберіть святко...

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10 Tips "Step by Step" for Lawyers Working with Linkedin (in Ukrainian)
Linkedin може стати потужним інструментом, що допоможе вам популяризувати та контролювати ваш бренд, однак лише за однієїумови – якщо ви вмієте ним користуватися.  Linkedin може допомогти вам:     Відновити старі відносини; Зміцнити існуючі відносин...

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LMS represented by Anna Zhadan was granted the award
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